Fast Service & Safe Delivery

To best support your ever-changing logistics needs, we are continuously evolving our transportation services.

Cargo Insurance

Provides a scalable and customizable solution for customers who have programs to retire outdated IT assets.

Packaging & Storage

You can opt for dedicated platforms from the advantages related to shared surfaces, resources and equipment.

Sea Freight

Sea-Air cargo is the last to be loaded and the first to be unloaded, reducing transshipment times and risk.

Air Freight

Our AIRFAST services have been designed for customers who need their goods delivered urgently.

Ground Services

Our Ground Services are a suitable logistics solution for medium to large-sized shipments. We have a fleet of over 1500+ trucks providing multi-stop trucking. You can choose between our Standard and Premium options as per your time and cost requirements.

Ground Standard

Ground Standard is the most cost-effective solution for B2B customers who have a high volume of large-sized and less-than-truckload shipments. We leverage multi stop trucking to provide you with a cost efficient logistics solution.

Ground Premium

For B2B customers who have a high volume of medium or large-sized shipments, we use point-to-point trucking for the best ground transit times. Ground Premium offers our fastest ground turnaround time in the network, providing our customers with speed and cost effectiveness for their logistical needs.

Express Services

Want to send important documents or small-to-medium sized parcels urgently? Our Express Service prioritises time-sensitivity and is ideal for meeting urgent delivery requirements. You can choose between our Premium and Standard express services based on your urgency and budget.

Express Standard

Our Express Standard service optimises the pick-up and drop-off timings to provide you with express delivery at reasonable cost. We transport your parcels safely via multi modal logistics.

Express Premium

Our Express Premium service is an ideal solution if you need parcels delivered within a very short timeframe. Since it is a premium service, we offer day-definite and time-definite services for urgent shipments. To meet our customers’ tighter delivery schedules, we leverage our collaboration with all major airlines to move your shipments at our fastest turnaround time.